Massage by Regeania at The Better Being Float Center
Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate


Two years ago, I had back surgery and had some numbness in my legs several months later.  After months of physical therapy I had a deep tissue massage from Regeania and she brought my legs back to life!!  Since then, she has been my "go to therapist" because she is so awesome.  She has worked out every kink and pinch I have ever had!  I would recommend her to anyone, anytime!  

Thank you, Regeania!

Linda H.

Regeania has healing powers in her hands!. Whenever I go on vacation I always get a massage (I've had massages all over the country). Regeania is the best "HANDS DOWN"!!! Working at FedEx my job is stressful and I do a lot of lifting; Regeania works out every knot that is in my body too perfection every time.


Regeania is the most dedicated, interested and caring therapist I have met. She truly cares about her clients and makes each one feel very special. Plus she is very passionate about what she does and always takes time to tailor her services to what will best help each person individually. She is the best!

Julie D.

I've had many massage and I have to say that Regeania gave me the best massage I've ever had. She is awesome and I will return to see her soon.

S. A.

I received a massage from Regeania on September 9, 2012. It was Phenomenal, I felt like a brand new woman after the massage she gave me. I will be returning to see her again real soon. Great massage Thank your Regeania.

S. Johnson